Meet David Winney

⭐ America First Republican

⭐ U.S. Marine Veteran

⭐ Senior Systems Analyst

⭐ Data Security Specialist

David's Campaign Priorities

Currently, Colorado does not require voters to show photo identification when voting in person, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. The state accepts any government document that includes a voter’s name and address, or a current copy of a utility bill, paycheck or bank statement.

Combine that with the fact that 94% of Colorado’s voters cast their ballots by mail in November since the state sends all registered voters mailed ballots automatically, and you might be left wondering how anyone could claim Colorado' elections are secure.

Technology already exists which could implement a permanent paper record of a voter’s ballot selections, able to be used to conduct post-election "self audit" and/or a recount to confirm the accuracy of reported election outcomes or track the status of your ballot all the way through election night.

This capability would quickly restore voter confidence, especially when Jena Griswold's "gold standard" doesn't have most voter resting assured.

Colorado was a founding member of the George Soros-funded Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) in 2012. ERIC is essentially a left wing voter registration drive disguised as voter roll clean up, only if cleaning voters rolls was their real intention, they failed miserably.

In fact, in 2020 (eight years after joining ERIC), Colorado had 40 of 64 counties exceeding 100% voter registration prompting a lawsuit by Judicial Watch against current Secretary of State, Jena Griswold.

It's no surprise Louisiana just sent ERIC to the scrap pile, and as Secretary of State, I will do the same in Colorado.

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A Note from David:

First and foremost, I am not a lawyer or a career politician, like so many who fail to represent us in our bloating government. That will be clear as you read. My slogan is true… You Win With Winney. 

Secondly, we have all learned how a Governor or Secretary of State in other states can have a profound effect on our lives when they change rules which corrupt election process in their states. I promise you that I will work diligently from “day one” in office to change all that in Colorado. This is not about me winning an election. It’s about all of us winning this election!

My commitment to you is to reclaim Truth, Transparency and Tenacity to run the business of Colorado and especially our Elections.

Politicians have evidently grown to believe that our Elections actually belong to them to control and manipulate, to empower themselves. They think it’s ok to change the rules right before an election takes place, in violation of the Constitution of the United States, which states:

Article Two, Section 4, specifically prohibits any other agency, including courts, from determining how federal elections are to be run. In our Constitution’s “law”, only the state legislative bodies can determine how federal elections are to run. And per the 10 Amendment, only Colorado State’s governing body can determine local and state run elections. Thus, our state constitution prevents unelected officials from interfering. That my friends, is what was violated and I will only refer to the law. I will fight against allowing one or two judges, from over-riding your represented officials.

They are only our employees. We are their employers. They have stopped acting like that. We need to remind them of their proper role. They are there to serve us and protect our rights. Nothing more.

So, now it’s time that we no longer elect these self-serving lawyers and career politicians and the corruption that seems to always follow them! It’s time to again vote in Statesmen, who won’t bow to bribery or power. That is how this country started. We’d vote in someone we knew and trusted. They would represent us for one or two terms. Then come back home to continue their life and career and contribute to life in the community.

As a candidate, I’m calling for a comprehensive forensic audit for all 2020 elections in Colorado. This will improve our transparency to discover how our election laws, regulations and our current Secretary of State and County Commissioners have been manipulating our vote (our voice) or undermining our vote. We need to reclaim the Free and Fair Elections that our representatives owe us. Restore our ownership of our elections, past, present and future.

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” -Joseph Stalin (1878-1953)

All I’m asking is to become your employee. How do you make this happen?

1) Find out what precinct you live in, attend your Caucus for your precinct and take a few of your like-minded conservative friends with you. Vote yourself and your spouse in to be Precinct Leaders and County Delegate and State Delegate. THIS is how we take back control of our state and our nation and OUR Republican Party to Make America Great Again. Take back all the ownership that the Establishment has usurped from us.

2) Consider a small donation, that will propel this Constitutional, America-First, Citizen forward to get on the Primary Ballot. See the Anedot standalone donation link below. Once you use that link, then you can share that standalone link with your like-minded friends and family through texts or emails so they can support our 2022 election win to take it all back. This takes your good move and multiplies your good with a multiplying effect.

I really understand, if you have become disgusted, disappointed and even have felt disenfranchised both parties. Maybe you worked hard to help get someone elected and then they laid down, turned coat & did absolutely nothing they promised and seem to work against you rather than work FOR you.
If you are registered Democrat and you feel the same way I just described, it’s possible that (as President Reagan and others have said), “You didn’t leave the Democrat Party, The Democrat Party left you!” The leadership of the Democrat Party has recently made it abundantly clear they are now committed to a communist, socialist and at times, anti-US agenda. Does their agenda include serving the US citizen in any way, shape or form?

This isn’t about parties! This is about Americans taking back our Freedom & protecting it with dogged determination! Reclaiming ALL that has been stolen from US.

Additionally, we need to recognize that we are in both spiritual warfare and the warfare that is manifested here, before our eyes. It’s not about whatever labels they’ve used against us for so long. It’s about good vs. evil.

Now it’s our time, to undo what socialists have been doing! We have many ways that We The People can take full control with very practical and honest steps to prevent others’ illegitimate manipulation of the 2022 Elections before and during that election day. We must do this! With their chicanery, we can’t prevent all of it. But, we can prevent most of it, breaking their efforts of manipulation and control over us. They used this term to control us. You can find this in Event 201 and watch their own video of their planning. We can now, Flip The Script on them and use their own terms to stop them and turn things around for us and for our own good. We must do all of these things in such high numbers, they can’t stop us. We are awake! They can’t put us back to sleep. We will:

1) Flood the Zone with excellent MAGA Candidates who are Citizen Servant-Leaders.
a. This is happening nationwide. We can observe it and see it growing with more announcing.

2) Flood the Zone with MAGA Voters! Take the time on Election Day to go in and vote in person.
a. Take the day off work if needed. Do this for the Primary and General Election.
b. Insist on voting with a Paper Ballot and NOT on their easily manipulated “Voting Systems”.
c. If too many of us do this, they can not calculate how many votes they need to manufacture a different outcome. They can’t “shut down” the voting in the night to Shift it to their favor.

3) Flood the Zone at your Precinct Caucus – Mar 1 through Mar 5 – find out in your Precinct.
a. At your Precinct Caucus – Vote yourself in as Precinct Leader, County & State Delegates
b. Then vote for MAGA Grassroots Candidates in County and State Assembly.
c. Then vote for David Winney for El Paso County Commissioner District 5 at the April 9 – State Assembly
d. Find which Precinct # you live in. Then find your Caucus location.
e. Call your County GOP Office for questions and instructions.

4) Flood the Zone with MAGA Poll Watchers – you can volunteer and get trained easily.
a. Call your County GOP Office – find here:
b. They train you how to watch carefully and legally and raise concerns when warranted.

5) Flood the Zone with MAGA Poll Judges – these are voted in or signed up in your Precinct Caucus

6) Flood the Zone with your Cameras & Videos outside the Polling Stations
a. Document / record anything that looks like Voting or Election Fraud
b. Big white Box Truck pulls up outside polling station – picture of license plate & video driver
c. Drop boxes – Demand these be removed or locked off-hours – video anyone stuffing ballots. Please watch this question-raising trailer related to questionable mail ballot practices and potential ballot harvesting:

As your next District 5 El Paso County Commissioner, I am committed so serve you!

As a Marine Corps Veteran, I have never been relieved of the Oath I took when I entered Military Service to this country, to defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. Our eyes have been forced wide open to see just HOW MANY domestic enemies we have. We must win this for our children and their children. A True Marine is dedicated to:

Honor: – Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability
Courage: – Do the Right Thing, In the Right Way, For the Right Reasons
Commitment: – Devotion to the Corps and to My Fellow Marines

In a real sense, in warfare, this can be translated – No Man Left Behind – when this warfare is affecting us here, at home, on our turf, we do not leave each other behind. We do not leave our children and the future of our country behind. We defend our nation and each other with a determined tenacity. My slogan is Win With Winney as I believe then, We ALL Win – Together!

Donate at:

The financial backbone for Grassroots Candidates has proven to be donations from real people ranging from $1 to $100. More works, too. MAX for this position is $2,500 per person. If you have more adults living in your home, you can do the math. This is the max for each adult donor. You can even multiply your effect by making this a recurring donation. Like once a week or each paycheck or once a month but only until you have reached your maximum amount. Another multiplying effect is you can take this donation link and share it with all of your network of like-minded friends. Ask them to donate along with you! Ask them to go to their Caucus and follow the above instructions to get you on the Primary Ballot and then vote for you and other Grassroots MAGA America-First Candidates in the General Election.